Mystery food…

Any thoughts on what this is or how to decide what food category it fits into?

A produce man at the Marche kindly picked good peaches, plumbs, apples, carrots, onions, potatoes, carrots, etc for me as I pointed and asked in what was most likely mangled and unintelligible French.  After paying him, I saw this. I asked what it was, that I don’t “know” it. The only word I might have understood in his generous explanation was “vegetable”, but given that the French word for that would have been “legume” perhaps that’s not at all what he said.

Though the produce man has clearly shown me how to cut it and remove the seeds (as I might do with an apple), I still plan to take it in-tact to a pot-luck supper tonight and ask around.

UPDATE — it’s a Quince!

I think I’ve heard of a quince but for sure never seen one. It is somewhere between an apple and a pear, but much harder…as if the rind or flesh of an uncooked pumpkin.

I sliced mine as if it were an apple (like the produce man showed me), took out the core, and then simmered in water with sugar and cinnamon as a pot-luck supper American explained to me (when my French is much better, I will return to the produce man and ask for his ideas again…perhaps I’ll pretend that I forgot!).

Thanks to one of my American culinary friends, here is a real recipe to try in a real kitchen after the weather changes.

Simple” recipe and the French way to core the quince.

I returned to the marche today for food shopping. Rather than tell a story of learning to navigate, I’ll just attach the visuals…including the coffee break. Enjoy!





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