Bunco divas!

Here’s a shout out to women friendship circles worldwide. The new moon is rising over central Morocco and I know some people gathering for social time in central Texas under the same moon which probably looks a little bit different from that continent tonight.

I recently read the book “The Girls from Ames” about a circle of 10 women who have remained friends since middle school in Ames, Iowa now more than 40 years later, still meeting annually from across the country, and supporting each other by email in between. The author interlaces his (yep, it’s a man doing the research and writing…to his credit, he acknowledges in the preface that the women do still call themselves “girls” and that he is a potentially odd choice to write about women but hopes his unfamiliarity with women’s friendships will help him to notice details and themes a woman might not necessarily see, or would assume are “obvious” — and he does well) writing with research about the health benefits of friendships, the happiness factor women find who have close women friends over time.

The author claims most men just don’t have friends in the way that women do — they play poker together or golf together but don’t share or know the intimacies of each others’ lives. (What’s that about?!) To be fair, my brother and several of his college buddies do gather annually, and even bring various of their children; but I have never asked him what they talk about or in what ways they support each other.

I do know that I cherish women friendships, especially with women I have known for many years, or with whom we share “water under the bridge.” Thank you to all of the women who do that among each other. You bring a bountiful gift into the world.

Enjoy Bunco, gang.

(For those who don’t know the game called “Bunco,” you’re really only missing the friendship part…it’s a game like golf only in that it gives you something to do while you visit with each other in short bits between rounds…the analogy stops there of course because Bunco has no physical exertion, no skill required, and no strategy to consider, you just roll the dice. Perfect!)



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